Bwani Junction Perform Paul Simon’s Graceland

Bwani Junction Perform Paul Simon’s Graceland

Graceland by Paul Simon, of Simon and Garfunkel, is an album lauded for its importance in popularizing world-music. Recorded partly in South Africa during the years of apartheid using local black musicians, the record attracted a large amount of controversy, but in the year of its 30th anniversary, enough time has passed that it’s now possible to appreciate it in simpler terms: as the masterclass in songwriting and story-telling that it truly is.

Among the plethora of artists heavily influenced by Paul Simon is Bwani Junction, an indie/roots band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Having self-released two well received albums themselves (if you’re a Spotify user, you can stream them here), they decided on a project to cover one classic album from start to finish.


Sat 15th Apr 2017


£20.00 + £1 Reservation Fee

2 hours

Carnegie Hall

01383 602302